First Iranian immigrants in Canada

1901 witnessed the arrival of the first Iranian immigrant in Canada. From this starting point, Iranian immigration into Canada began a very slow trickle. Between 1901 -1910, 109 arrived.; between 1911-1920, 91 arrived; between 1921-1930, 57 arrived; Between 1931-1940 only 6 Iranians entered the country because of the world-wide Depression had resulted in rigid immigration restrictions. During and after World War II, Iranian immigration increased substantially over what it had been before the war. 1941-1950 saw 12 Iranians coming to Canada; between 1951-1960 another 115 arrived; from 1961-1970, 1041 arrived; and from 1971-1980, 3464 Iranians decided to make Canada their home. The real influx of Iranians started after the revolution in Iran in 1979.

Within Ontario itself, the history of Iranian immigrants follows closely that of Canada as a whole. For the most part, the Iranian immigrants have concentrated themselves in the urban centers of Canada and a great number are to be found in the Metropolitan Toronto Area

Source: Iranians In Ontario by M. S. KAZEMI, 1986