About Us

Toronto Iranians is a grass root organization that established in Nov 12, 2001 and in Nov 8, 2006 registered as a Nonprofit Organization (Toronto Iranians Community Group) to provide training, information, counseling and other support services for the immigrants and new comers. Toronto Iranians Community Group (T.I, henceforth) facilitates the integration of the newcomers to the fabric of the community at large, through organizing cultural / social events, conducting training, recreational activities, community volunteer work and fundraising for humanitarian causes.



Organizing Cultural Events TI organizes cultural events to strengthen links between the Iranian community and other members of society.Such events include:
Annual Iranian Heritage Day at the Royal Ontario Museum (May, 2011, 2012 and 2013)
First Nowruz Celebration at Queen’s Park (Ontario’s Parliament) (Mar 20, 2007)
Oral History Project TI works to preserve personal stories of first generation of Iranian-Canadian community leaders/ members and bring to life their memories and struggles and recognizes them as makers of history.
Walking (Green Exercise) TI organizes weekly walking program  since 2003 to discover Toronto and GTA. Such walking tours provides new immigrants an opportunity to interact with more settled and integrated members of our society and provides opportunity for the participants to discover Toronto and the GTA, burn calories, socializing and boost their mental health.
One-on-One Orientation TI assists in One-on-One orientation sessions for newcomers in order to provision settlement services for Persian speaking newcomers to the GTA.
Community Volunteering TI promotes volunteerism and community engagement amongst its members. TI and its volunteers have initiated, organized and participated in events such as Blood Clinics, Community Clean-Ups, Neighborhood Days, Bone Marrow Donor registration and fundraising for natural disasters